Energy Efficient

Combining LoE 366 and Vinyl Frames Save Most Homeowners on average of almost 37% on their electric bills. US Dept. of Energy reports show that for every $3 spent on energy costs, $1 is virtually thrown out the door due to single pane non energy efficient windows.


New Windows especially Hurricane impact windows reduce outside noise by almost 85%. The reviews from our clients rate this feature very high.


Impact Glass offers you unbelievable security – the interlayer of the glass prevents outside intruders from gaining access to your home, giving you paece of mind each and every day of your life.

The View

Since the LoE glass reflects heat out it also reflects views in making any opening more clear and vivid.

A/C Savings

Actually this is the #1 feature people love about their new windows, keeping the heat out gives the A/C plenty of rest. Replacing your A/C System is a costly proposition, with new windows you can count on your system last 50-100% longer. Stopping the heat from entering your home offers you many benefits, and our clients will will share their stories that after they have made the decision for new windows, that their a/c system ran 24/7 and now it runs only 5 minutes an hour. This feature saves the wear and tear on your system. Replacing your A/C System is a costly proposition, new windows allow your system to last longer.

Blocking UV Rays

Offers you home’s furniture, floors and window coverings add many additional years of longevity from fading.


Windows that have good air infiltration numbers offer you a much cleaner home, free from dust, pollen and allergens you will notice a healthier life.


New window’s help keep and increase your home’s value. Studies show that for every dollar you spend on new windows and doors you receive dollar for dollar value.


Windows are the cornerstone of your home’s visual interest, both inside and from the curb. Windows can add a striking feature and focal point to your home.

Easy Maintenance

Homeowners benefit from advancements made in window design, technology and manufacturing. Today’s windows are well-constructed, easy to clean and durable.

Window Company of America
Our Mission is simple and straight forward. American Products, we believe that the products offered by our countries top manufacturers are indeed the very best. We believe that buying from American Manufacturers is so important that we only offer products made in the USA. Window Company of America is the largest distributor of hurricane impact products, windows and doors in Pinellas County and is not a licensed contractor. We work with many licensed contractors in the area for your instillation needs.
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